Saturday, March 16, 2013

Putting My Art into Words

-Summer Field-oil on canvas-14"x18"
      At some time all artists must do this. When entering contests, shows ect... We must use words to explain our art. The question is asked over and over again. The question comes in many forms, artist statements, artist bio, a description of our art, a brief statement about our art. However the question is asked, it is the same. The literary thinking world wants to hear it articulated. But I am a visual artist who does best with images not words. I want my paintings to be judged for their quality not the words I use to describe them.  How do I both accurately and artfully express my vision?

Featured Artist of the Week
John Singer Sargent
Portraits art, Realism, Impressionism

                 He was the most popular portrait painter of his time. However Sargent was not without criticism. Many of his paintings were controversial . I personally love Sargent's strong use of lighting and interest compositions. Both of these gave strong mood and personality to his portraits.

Portrait of Rosina(1878) by John Singer Sargent

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