Monday, September 14, 2015


This young ruby throated hummingbird is on my easel. I have been inspired by the large number of birds that have been visiting my backyard feeder. FYI there are rumors around about when to take down hummingbird feeders. The false info says to take them down so the birds do not stay too long and freeze in winter. The truth is that these beautiful birds desperately need the sugar water to make their long journey south. Hummingbirds are actually carnivores. They use the nectar to fuel their fly catching flight. So please keep those feeders out long into fall. The rule is to take the hummingbird feeder down if you have not seen activity at it for at least two weeks.
crop of my painting in progress

Art and Craft Shows

         I am an artist, because I paint all the time. In order to call myself a professional artist, I must market and sell my work. Ok; sounds simple. It is anything but. In order to sell art, people must see it, right? Where do they see it? How do you get it out there? There are a vast number of places to sell art. Finding them and figuring out which ones are right for you can be hard. Over the next few weeks I will write about many of these.
        Today I want to talk a little about Art and Craft shows. There are many benefits from doing craft shows. Buyers get to see my work first hand. I get to meet wonderful people with similar interests. I get to travel and see new places. I get to be my own boss, this means I have complete creative freedom. What not everyone may not realize is that putting on an art show takes a multitude of skills. Art and Craft displays are basically a traveling art store. First I needed to purchase a lot of supplies, I needed a tent, tent weights, tables, table cloths, display stands, a tool box, packaging, bags and receipts; that's the short list. Being my own boss is one thing, but I am also my only employee. That means I have to do it all, make the product, find the shows, apply for the shows, set up and tear it  down and do it all over again. You would have to be crazy to do this right? Right, and that is exactly what I am. I am crazy in love with making art! So thank you to all of you who support my insanity my buying my art! You allow me to keep doing what I love.