Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wild Raspberries

     When I was a young child my family had a house in the woods. There was a long gravel drive near. Along that bumpy drive grow many wild raspberry and black berry bushes. In mid to late summer the bushes were heavy with sweet ripe berries. How I loved to pick them for my mother. Of course most got eaten before they could arrive home.
       The image of raspberries on a bush bring back some of my fondest childhood memories. Now my children and I continue the tradition of picking wild berries. This year as been an unusually  good year for picking raspberries and blackberries. Ohio's hot wet summer has been ideal for their growth. We gathered so many that I made my first homemade raspberry pie. Of course as always I took lots of photos. Many of my photos will be turned into paintings. I hope that my paintings will help my boys remember our berry picking. So when they grow old, they will look back fondly and maybe even continue the ritual with their children.

My first homemade raspberry pie

Wild Raspberries-oil on canvas-12x16

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