Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three Owl Feathers

             My children Vincent 11, Layton 9 and Crawford 7 had their first day of school today. Vincent, my oldest started Jr High. Where does the time go? First I should let you know I am not one of those moms who finds joy in the start of the school year. I enjoy the light schedule and easy joyful days of summer. I like having my boys home with me. So after dropping them off  I decided to go for a walk with my husband Paul. This would be a much needed chance to blow off the stress and worry about school. As I was following our dog Asti I looked down. There under the pine trees I saw a feather. It was small but what I thought was a owl feather. I looked up to show Paul my treasure and saw that he was holding another feather a much larger feather about 8" long. Wow it was beautiful and pristine. Finally a third feather was found  while walking on the hill top. How perfect three boys and three owl feathers. To make it even more magical they where all found on a blue moon and the first day of school. This to me is a good sign.

Photo of owl feathers found today August, 21 2013 on a blue moon

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