Thursday, July 18, 2013


             Tomorrow is the lancaster Festival ArtWalk, and I'm excited (and nervous). The last of my pieces should be in place in the morning and everything looks ready to go. I'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I've been, given, not only this show, but but my work over the years.
Spiecal thanks goes to the women of LolaLeigh. Therese Goeller and her daughter(and great friend) Leigh Dixon have been overly nice to me over the last several years. They let me display my oil stick portraits three years ago during the ArtWalk and their promotion of my Bugs and Blooms series has been nothing short of amazing. Their clothing and accessory lines for children are spectacular and more unique than anyone around. But, to take the Bugs and Blooms theme and adapt their store to coincide with my work shows the versatility and creativity that true art is all about. I'm sure I don't deserve such niceties, let alone all the fanfare and love they have given me on their Facebook page and in the shoppe. Thank you everyone at LolaLeigh. So make sure to come see me, my art and of course the lovely women of LolaLeigh and their
beautiful creations.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bugs and Blooms

      As a small girl I was often fascinated with bugs and insects. Their tiny world seemed almost magical. Summer days chasing butterflies, playing with caterpillars, watching ants and catching fireflies fill my childhood memories. As an adult with busy life I often walk past, over or on these fascinating creatures. Once grown I forgot their wonder, often seeing bugs as unimportant pests. Through these paintings I hope to show these little beautiful bugs as through the eyes of a child. I hope to remind us all that even the smallest creatures have a purpose and true beauty all their own. Combining these creepy crawlies with the classic pleasant appearance of the floral blooms creates an incredible contrast. Both contrast of color, soft pinks and deep reds setting off bright yellows and metallic greens, and contrast of perception. What is true beauty? What makes us say yum and sniff the sweet flower and say yuk to the bee as it buzzes by? I hope you enjoy my visual arrangements and they help you see beauty in a little different way.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lancaster Festival Art Walk 2013

    On Friday, July Nineteenth, I will be introducing a new series of oil paintings as a part of the Lancaster Festival Art Walk. The city of Lancaster, Ohio puts on an arts and music festival for eleven days each July since nineteen eighty five. The first Friday of this festival is always an Art Walk throughout the downtown area where local businesses team up with artists to show off their work. There is a very rigid selection process as there are only forty or so businesses and hundreds of applicants. A jurored panel  selects which artists get partnered with which businesses. The range of artwork is very eclectic. You will see everything from still life's to sculpture. From oils to photography. From lithographs to glass blowing. An estimated 7,000 people fill the streets each year to view the artwork, listen to music at the bandstand, and enjoy a libation or two. My series, 'Bugs and Blooms', will be showing at Lolaleigh from July 19-27. It's a custom made children's clothier, owned and operated by some good friends of mine. So, if you are looking for good art and a good time, check out the Lancaster Festival Art Walk from 6-10pm on July 19th. If you can't make it that evening, you can take a peak at it the rest of the week during Lolaleigh's regular business hours. You'll get to see my latest work and as a bonus you'll get to see the the art they do with fabric. See you at the show.