Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bugs and Blooms

      As a small girl I was often fascinated with bugs and insects. Their tiny world seemed almost magical. Summer days chasing butterflies, playing with caterpillars, watching ants and catching fireflies fill my childhood memories. As an adult with busy life I often walk past, over or on these fascinating creatures. Once grown I forgot their wonder, often seeing bugs as unimportant pests. Through these paintings I hope to show these little beautiful bugs as through the eyes of a child. I hope to remind us all that even the smallest creatures have a purpose and true beauty all their own. Combining these creepy crawlies with the classic pleasant appearance of the floral blooms creates an incredible contrast. Both contrast of color, soft pinks and deep reds setting off bright yellows and metallic greens, and contrast of perception. What is true beauty? What makes us say yum and sniff the sweet flower and say yuk to the bee as it buzzes by? I hope you enjoy my visual arrangements and they help you see beauty in a little different way.

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