Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Time

       The last couple of weeks have been frustrating. There has been little to no time to paint. My life has been overloaded with things other than art. Cub Scout banquet, teacher conferences, Sunday school, sick kids, doctor appointments, the usual homework, meal planing, house keeping and grocery shopping. On top of that I have been helping my husband do some updates at his restaurant, picking colors and working on a sign for the building. OK so the sign is commercial art and picking paint is decorating but that is not my true passion. To top things off our dog Asti took off yesterday. I spent 4hrs frantically walking fields and driving the neighborhood looking for her. To make it worse I was accompanied by three very tired, very upset young boys(poor things). Good news is our dog came back Thank God! Bad news is the rest of March and all of April are already packed with stuff. March has St Patrick's Day, my middle boys First Reconciliation and Easter. Then in April my oldest boy's 11th birthday, my middle First Communion, and finally my youngest boy's 7th birthday all are to come. By May I may not have the energy left to create.

Advertising sign for my husband Paul's restaurant 6'6"x 3'6"
  Featured Artists of the Week
 Andy Warhol
 Pop Art, Commercial Art

   Often controversial, he is famous for the pop art movement. Most people think of his cambells soup cans or images of Marilyn Monroe. Lesser known is that Warhol started as a commercial illustrator. The uniqueness of his work comes from his mixing of celebrity culture, expressiveness and commercial art.

commercial art by Andy Warhol
"When you think about it, department stores are kind of like museums."-Andy Warhol

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