Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finding Models

Photo of one of my models that I plan to paint soon

     One of my favorite subjects to paint is the female form. Whether it is the view of a intimate portrait or a distant shadowy silhouette, images of women have always inspired me. In order to paint women I must find models. This can be quite difficult at times. Women look at me a little funny when I say" I would love you to pose for me...I paint" they often respond like I am some kind of pervert or something. Than I normally feel like I have to add "not nude or anything like that." Next I give them a business card and show them some of my art. Even after I explain myself and they trust me, many women are still not comfortable posing. Often they are embarrassed or self conscience. It's a shame, they can not always see their own beauty. That is why I find it takes more than just physical beauty to be a good modal. It takes confidence, self esteem and that spiecal something that comes from inside. The best images happen when the subject is feeling comfortable. Then their honest, natural true self and beauty shines through. Not to say all beautiful images are of self confident people. It simply takes more time and work to capture the image of someone shy or self conscience. The artist must let them warm up and get comfortable in order to caught them being themselves not simply posing.

Featured Artist of the Week
Boris Kustodiev
Portrait art
       Boris Kustodiev was a talented Russian portrait painter, book illustrator and stage-set artist. He was strongly influenced by folk art, legends and superstitions. I love his images for there strong use of color and personality. His strength is seen not only in his paintings but also in his ability to continue to paint upbeat images even through his serious illness.
Portrait of Julia Kustodiev(wife)(1903) by Boris Kustodiev

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