Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I miss most about Art school

- Toadstools - oil on canvas - 9 x10" - painted this week -
   Constructive criticism is what I miss the most about art school. Friends and family don't like it or they do. Usually they like it or at least they say so. Even when they are willing to be honest, they can not always explain why or tell how to improve the piece. At college the professors would speak their minds freely. At times there may have been no way to save a painting. But that was OK because they could explain the problems of the piece. This helped my art grow and improve at an accelerated rate. It is like proof-reading your own writing. When you read your own writing it sounds like what is in your head not what is on the paper. Critiquing your own art is much the same. Sometimes you see what you want to see not what is really there. Artist need educated or enlightened honesty. Do not lie but do not be cruel unless you can give helpful advice. And taste should not come into play. A good critic should understand and appreciate all styles of art even if they do have a personal favorite.

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