Thursday, August 16, 2012

Portrait and Figure Paintings


-Girl in the Grass- oil stick on watercolor paper-14x18"
        This is the subject I always go back to. The human form is my favorite to paint. People are fascinating to look at . Whether a close detailed portrait or a shadowy distant figure. There is nothing else that draws my eyes in to study and analyze more closely. The texture and many colors of the skin for one. I am not just talking about the tans ,brown,and whites.  Colors the reds oranges, yellows, greens blues even purples are what I look for. The shadowing, reflective and transparencies you see on skin are beautiful. Eyes are another captivating feature. The way the light shines and the flecks of colors dance on the iris fascinate me. Capturing the individuals characteristics and their emotions at that moment is very important to me. These reasons and many more are why I will always be a figure painter.

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